High Street Health Hub is taking on new patients

Enrolment information

We welcome new patients. Enrolment is free and easy.


In order to enrol with us, you need to meet the Ministry of Health’s eligibility requirements. To find out if you are eligible to enrol with us, you can talk to our front desk staff or call 0800 855 151 or visit Health and Disability Eligibility.

Change of patient’s personal details

If you change your name, postal or email address and visa, please update your details with us. You can update it on ManageMyHealth or email us so we can update your records for you.

Payment for services

High Street Health Hub requires payment for services on the day of your appointment. Unpaid accounts will incur an admin fee, or you account will be sent to our debt collection agency.

Please understand that failure to attend an appointment or cancelling at short notice may incur a DNA fee (Did Not Attend Fee).

Other key points

As part of enrolling, we require photo ID to verify your identity. If you are born in New Zealand, we will require a current passport (preferably), driver licence or birth certificate as proof.

If you were NOT born in New Zealand, please supply a copy of your passport and visa.

We will also request your medical notes from your previous practice if applicable. Please note no appointment will be able to be made until we have received your medical notes.

If you have not been seen your GP for 3 years, you will be asked to sign a new enrolment form which indicates your wish to remain enrolled with us.

High Street Health Hub will treat all patients with respect and courtesy.

We have zero tolerance towards the abuse of our staff. Anyone who is verbally or physically abusive or behaves threateningly to our employees will be asked to leave our premises and we have the right to terminate your enrolment.

If you would like to enrol with us, please complete the Enrolment Form and email us with required documents such as passport, driver licence and visa to enrol@highstreethealth.nz

Please note that all fields marked with * must be completed.

Our friendly team will be in touch with you soon.

Please note, DO NOT TYPE your name as a signature. You can draw or insert an image of your handwritten signature.

* No more printing. No more signing by hand. With the Fill & Sign tool, you can easily fill out PDF forms, sign them, and send your forms electronically right from your desktop, browser, or mobile app. Click here to find out how to do it.